Kazakhstan shuts down oppn websites for criticism: the Daily Sabah

Kazakhstan shuts down oppn websites for criticism: the Daily Sabah.

The decision to ban sites was not based on what they might say but on what they could do: take down content or allow illegal material. In an email to the website’s editors, tCDC 철도청 카지노he Kazakh government stated:

“As for Facebook and YouTube, as soon as the authorities know about it, they shal천안안마l inform us. We will be completely blocked, because we have blocked a large number of websites, which had been mentioned by foreign media ….”

What are the consequences of blocking sites?

In a report published in 2010 the Independent reported that blocking websites could hurt Kazakhstan’s economic prospects, making people less employable and increasing unemployment in some rural areas.

What is the response of internet users?

The government blocked Facebook and Twitter in 2010 af골목ter a petition was signed by over 1.6 million people calling for their sites to be blocked. “If these websites and sites can get blocked, they will be forced out of business,” said a Kazakh official.

The internet is a tool for expression of thoughts, but online blocking of some sites is an affront to the rights of other citizens. Online users who sign the petition did so to demonstrate their views and help stop this sort of thing from happening again.

Will the blocked websites ever be restored?

There has been no response by the government in the meantime.