Free public transport for schoolkids nsw labor pledges

Free public transport for schoolkids nsw labor pledges


Labor and community leaders have vowed to support an initiative to build a free public transport for schoolkids in southern NSW.

On a visit to Sydney from Canberra, National Teachers Federation president Tim Wilson said it was time for people to stop complaining about congestion.

“There are a lot of areas that are going to be really good for learning and for the students in schools,” he said.

“People just don’t complain about it, but then when the roads are really congested and when people are coming up to the buses they stop being interested in coming along, you know.”

Mr Wilson said Labor and a number of the state’s Labor Party members are involved with the idea but he has not personally known any teachers involved.

The idea stems from the Labor Party’s 2016 election sloga출장n of “Make it great again”.

“I think there’s a bit of pride in the state that is there are some school kids that can’t actually afford to g코인 카지노o to college,” Mr Wilson said.

“That’s what I think makes that a great place to be.”

Labor also announced on Monday that it will spend $200 million on an extra school building, adding to its commitments to provide free school meals and $250 million in debt relief.

A spokeswoman for the NSW Education Department said state school leaders have been invited to come and discuss 일산출장마사지“new school building” in southern NSW with Labor education minister Adrian Piccoli.

She said any school building plans were not a priority.

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